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Having met Dominic 3 years ago as a wedding coordinator at Whitstable Castle and now running his own successful events business, A Kentish wedding, we have always been keen supporters of his wedding fairs and events.

Jonathan and Nikki have provided meet and greet services for A Kentish Wedding exhibitions over the past 2 years and are an integral part of the shows success. Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, the toastmasters ensure the smooth running of the event by assisting patrons throughout the event whether that be with directions for the show or answering queries about the event. I would highly recommend Your Toastmasters for any wedding event.

When holding a 007 night we wanted to ensure a warm welcome for our guests and booked Jonathan and Nikki from Your Toastmasters. They did a magnificent job, particularly on a cold evening, in keeping the spirits of the guests high as they posed for photos and acted as a point of contact for guests throughout the evening. Jonathan and Nikki's customer interactions help take the stress out of events allowing organisers to concentrate on any behind the scene issues. Thanks guys.

Dominic Comins
Director, A Kentish Wedding