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Love was definitely in the air for the wedding of Mr & Mrs Smith and Knowle Country House was the most romantic of settings for a very emotional wedding.

Testimonial from Knowle Country House.

On behalf of the knowle country house staff would just like to say how lovely it was to have worked with you. You both were very organised, approachable and cooperative to ensure a smooth wedding day for the lovely Sophie and Billy. The enthusiastic nature of you both coincided with your professionalism which instilled confidence within myself and other staff members for a successful day. Looking forward to having you both at our wedding venue again.

Testimonial from the Mother of the Bride

Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you both so very much for all that you did yesterday. The day ran so smoothly, definitely taking the strain away. Thank you so much Nikki for reading my speech, you did it beautifully and so much better than I would have done it. Thank you for the copy of the speech which will go in Sophie's memory box. Thank you Jonathan for looking after my elderly aunt and uncle, Sophie and I are really all they have in the world and we were unable to give them the usual attention. I know they really appreciated it! Kind regards
Jill. Xx